Former singer of Oasis, Noel Gallagher, is thinking of joining the world of podcasting. In a recent episode of Matt Morgan’s podcast Funny How, he talked about using his studio to interview other celebrities and friends. He invited Matt Morgan to be the first guest on his podcast.

“We’ll have nice expensive microphones, we can even have cups of gin.”

The two have collaborated on many interviews with podcasting and episodes of a series called “Question Time”.


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Part 2/3 of Noel and Matt Morgan’s ‘Question Time’ is out now! Have a ???? of the full episode via the link in bio.

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There is no set date for Noel Gallagher’s podcast to happen but he did say: “We’re talking about it. When I get my studio up and running we’ll get it together.”

You can hear both of Matt Morgan’s latest podcasts with Noel Galagher below:

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