This is the third part of a four-part series to reconnect with nature, presented with Campers Village. As Canadians, our desire to enjoy the outdoors is known to outweigh the challenges the weather brings. However, there are some must-haves when facing the outdoors, or items that will at least make your experience better.

1. Tarps

Tarps can be used for a variety of things like a makeshift shelter to keep you dry, to protect your tent and to collect water if you need it. If you’re feeling creative you can also try tying your tarp into a hammock. You can find all different types of tarps and accessories here. 

2. Waterproof Hiking Boots

The weather in Alberta, especially this season, can go from sunny to pouring rain in a flash. The last thing you want is to be enjoying a 3 hour hike, then find yourself trapped in the rain with wet feet. Luckily you can find tons of waterproof hiking boots here to keep your hikes nice and dry.

3. Rain Jackets

This may seem like a simple one but make sure to add it to your camping checklist! It’s easy to overlook if the forecast seems clear, but even if you don’t get caught in the rain, a good waterproof jacket is important. It’s also ideal for hikes in the Rockies. You can find jackets here.

4. A Lazy Bear Heated Chair

This chair will keep you warm no matter the weather because it works off of a rechargeable battery pack! You can see Lauren try it out below!

5. Rooftop Tent

This one is if you want to skip the rocky, uneven or wet ground all together. They come in a box mounted on top of your car or truck bed so you can set them up pretty much anywhere at anytime. You can check out all kinds of rooftop tents here. 


You can get everything you need to enjoy your outdoor escape from Campers Village. They’re a locally-owned Alberta company and they’ve been helping Albertans recharge and reconnect in nature since 1963. They’re open now- and of course following all Alberta Health Services guidelines for physical distancing, cleaning, and safety. You won’t have to worry, throughout the store you’ll find their hygiene stations as well as physical barriers and distance indicators. And if you’re still unsure, they do offer curbside pickup.

To celebrate, their Re-Opening Sale is on with great deals to be had on hiking boots & shoes, rain jackets, tents, kayaks, camping gear, and more. They also have everything you need to make your tent nice and cozy with sleeping bags and tent accessories. You can check everything out in-store, or get a head start on knowing what you want HERE.

Campers Village: Helping Albertans enjoy the outdoors since 1963.

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