July Talk have released their third studio album, Pray For It.

It marks the band’s first album release since 2016’s Touch.

Frontman Peter Dreimanis told Billboard that the album’s first single, “Governess Shadow”, was inspired by his great grandmother Alice and her two sisters who “were sent to finishing school in Moscow as teenagers to learn how to serve the wealthy families of the day”. He describes how it’s “about the deep imbalances of power in our world, and specifically how people are separated by wealth and gender.”

“I started thinking about this giant shadow that white men can step in and out of whenever it suits us, how we can simply decide when to break the rules and when to recite them… I wanted ‘Governess Shadow’ to raise a flag and a dagger and call out that comfortable complacency.”

Stream Pray For It below.

Order vinyl or CD here.

01)  Identical Love
02)  Good Enough
03)  Life Of The Party
04)  Pretender
05)  Pay For It
06)  Champagne w/ James Baley + Kyla Charter
07)  Friend Of Mine
08)  The News
09)  Governess Shadow
10)  See You Thru
11)  Still Sacred


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