Back in 2014, Rise Against released their seventh studio album The Black Market. Today, for the album’s sixth anniversary they’ve released an expanded version. All the recordings that were previously available as bonus songs have been added to the digital extended album. The bonus songs are “We Will Never Forget”, “About Damn Time”, and the Japan-only bonus track “Escape Artists” – which has now been added to the international digital version of The Black Market.

The punk rockers will also be holding a listening party, including a Q&A with their lead guitarist, Zach Blair.

According to UMusic, when writing the album Zach stated that he “had a personal dark spot” after finding out a close friend, Dave Brockie of the band Gwar, passed away.

“I was crushed, but I put my emotions into the process.”

MusicRadar said that The Black Market escalated [Rise Against] to a strata of punk band previously only occupied by… Green Day and The Offspring”.

The Black Market (Expanded Edition)

  1. A Beautiful Indifference
  2. Awake Too Long
  3. Bridges
  4. I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore
  5. Methadone
  6. People Live Here
  7. Sudden Life
  8. The Black Market
  9. The Eco-Terrorist In Me
  10. The Great Die-Off
  11. Tragedy + Time
  12. Zero Visibility
  13. Escape Artists (bonus track)
  14. About Damn Time (bonus track)
  15. We Will Never Forget (bonus track)
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