This year due to COVID-19, Pigeon Lake Music Festival was postponed to 2021. The lineup that was set for the 2020 festival has been confirmed to stay the same for 2021, including artists like Dan Mangan, Dear Rouge, Said The Whale, Hawksley Workman, and more! The 2021 festival is just the half of it. Glowing Hearts Virtual Concert is a way to thank those who bought tickets to the 2020 festival and now have tickets for 2021.

Glowing Hearts Virtual Concert on August 1 will now be FREE to stream for everyone! Access the virtual concert anywhere, anyway. Just hit up on August 1 and get the live concert experience!

The live performances will be set up on the regular Pigeon Lake Music Festival stage with full production! The event organizer Kyle Knutson has said they’re “going to be broadcasting the music to all the individual campsites through a short-range FM frequency, but anyone can enjoy the stream from anywhere!”


So you’ll be able to live stream the concert as well, and safely enjoy from home, from work, from anywhere you have access to the stream! Here is an example of what it might look like:

“We wanted to put something on to lift spirits, connect with one another during this time of social distancing, and just give people something to look forward to”.

The concert will not have a re-broadcast or be re-produced once it’s over.

Get your tickets for the 2021 Pigeon Lake Music Festival now at Or click here to enter to win your tickets!

For ticket purchase details and full event info, click here.