Hey, it’s Brooklyn. I love working from home! I was doing a bit of it before the pandemic, but now just like you, I’m doing a lot more. For me, it’s important to have a space that I can go to, have what I need, feel comfortable and get my work done well.

IKEA just released the 2021 catalog, which is FULL of items to make your Work From Home or study space that much more effective and cooler. It’s jammed packed with budget-friendly, sustainable and exciting new products on every page.

Here are my picks for a great office space.

1. FJÄLLBO office desk


This desk not only looks cool – it also has some cool features. It has adjustable feet so you can choose its height, its wheels make it easy to move around AND it come with cable clips to hide your cords! Plus, once you go back to work or school, it can be used in the kitchen or living room as a bookshelf or extra counter.

IKEA Family Member price: $59.99.



I mean, one: cute! Two: adjustable. I’ve sat on and dreamt about this chair just because it is SO comfy. Office chairs are notorious for being super expensive, but this one is (thankfully) only two digits. I’d probably paint the white black at some point, but I love it as-is too.


3. KALLAX with inserts


The KALLAX rules! Mainly because it offers so much storage and its the only bookshelf I’ve found that fits records perfectly. Why have a workspace that isn’t inspiring? Have your music on display! And hide your junk behind the doors and drawers.





Every office needs a nice, sturdy lamp! Bonus points if it’s unique! The RANARP blends contemporary flair with classic design – just check out that zig-zag cord! Turn on your lamp at the beginning of the day, shut if off after and leave work in that space, all in style.


5. BUSKBO with a ficus 


Indoor plants are good for you! They clean the air, help boost your well-being and connect your workspace to nature.

Get your IKEA 2021 catalog today! Browse virtually and follow @ikeacatalogram to see pages 1-288 on the feed or at IKEA.com/catalog. Pick up your copy in person at IKEA Edmonton.