Mike Shinoda, co-founder of Linkin Park recently shared a new website for the band, that resembles a 20-year-old computer. There are a whole bunch of things to click on like Solitaire, emails, documents, system settings, and a recycling bin filled with old pictures for their album Hybrid Theory. There are some hidden files on the site but you need to figure out the admin password.

We are coming up on the 20th anniversary of Linkin Park’s album Hybrid Theory in October this year, so the art in the recycle bin may not just be there for nothing. The email subject lines on the computer do say “secret project”, which Mike Shinoda has alluded to in the past for the album anniversary.

There is a message from him in the documents asking for “help” to uncover some files. You can read it below.

Fans are trying to figure it out, but nothing has been revealed yet.

Click here to get to the website.