Meet Gavin Boutet.

He’s created possibly the biggest book to hit shelves since Harry Potter: “Poo with a View”.  Gavin is from Canmore and  has taken dozens of photos of outhouses high up in the Canadian Rockies, and put them together in a fantastic coffee table book for your reading pleasure.

Recently, I sat down with Gavin to chat about how this majestic novella… came to be.


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Lauren Hunter

LISTEN: "It's Our Generation's Harry Potter" Lauren Talks with the Creator of "Poo With A View"- Showcasing Canadian Outhouses

Originally Aired: August 28, 2020

You can check to buy the book or for more information about finding Poo with a View near you.  Hey, that rhymed.

We eagerly await Poo with a View, the Number 2 edition.

– Lauren Hunter 
(photo credit to Gavin Boutet)