This past weekend, Arkells debuted their new album Campfire Chords on Citytv’s Budweiser Stage At Home. The album was just released on August 20th and includes 17 of their songs stripped back, plus their brand new single “Quitting You”. The special blew up on Twitter over the weekend, bringing joy to many fans, including a wedding party.

The first time Arkells got together since the beginning of the pandemic was to film these songs around a campfire. Now, we get to see exactly what that looks like.

For the special they played at their friend’s farm, filming in a meadow, in a yurt, and around a campfire. In the video below, they explain the setting of their videos and how the filming process went.

During the Campfire Chords Special, they also had clips of themselves just hanging out in the yurt, jamming and chatting.

The Campfire Chords Special included performances of classic Arkells songs stripped-down, like “Leather Jacket”, “My Heart’s Always Yours”, “11:11”, “Relentless” and more.

And of course, they performed their brand new single “Quitting You”.

You can watch the rest of the performances and clips from the special HERE.

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