With the news the the Alberta government has teamed up with Canadian company Transpod to test a cutting edge Hyperloop concept between Edmonton and Calgary, Lauren Hunter chatted with the CEO to answer all your Hyperloop questions.

Sebastien, who is cofounder of Transpod, chatted about what the 1000km/h vacuum tube train could potentially cost for commuters, how big the cars will be, and whether Elon Musk is involved with this Hyperloop project.


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Lauren Hunter

LISTEN: The Alberta Hyperloop Will Be Tested In The Super High Tech Towns of... Olds & Didsbury!

Originally Aired: August 31, 2020

He also revealed the surprising location where the Hyperloop will be tested: between Olds & Didsbury.  Haha hard to picture a high tech Hyperloop on the cudding edge of science running through some cow fields. hey!?  But all kidding aside, that’s super cool for the area.

Sebastien added that no one will ever get “stuck” in the Hyperloop if the car stalls – the tube will be under tunnel regulations which requires mandatory emergency exits every 700m.

Thanks to Transpod for chatting with us!

– Lauren Hunter