Last week, on August 28th, Grandson put his own spin on KennyHoopla’s song “lost cause//”. KennyHoopla describes it as “new wave nostalgia.”

Grandson added his vocals to the original song along with some other production elements to make quite the collaboration.

“I’m very very excited about the present and future of alternative music, and the responsibility we take on in showing kids the way, through the honesty and vulnerability we let out in the music. Kenny’s next up, I’m happy he gave me the assist on this one.”

You can listen to it below!

There was a large amount of positive feedback from fans on this one.

Grandson has especially been known for some of his collaborations with artists like K.Flay, XAmbassadors, DREAMERS, and more! Hopefully, this opened a door for future collaborations from himself and KennyHoopla.

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