You may know JJ Wilde from her debut single “The Rush”. With that song she’s the first female artist to have a debut single to reach #1 on Canada’s three major rock charts (Mediabase’s Alternative, Active Rock and Rock Big Picture charts).

She’s a Canadian singer/songwriter from Kitchener, Ontario who was discovered by The Glorious Sons at one of her shows. They set her up with the managers that later got her a record deal. Since then she’s toured with Incubus, Jimmy Eat World, The Glorious Sons and The Struts.

“Best Boy” is her follow up single, about society’s views and treatment of women.

“For me, this song is about trying to change the narrative that society has accepted about women. It is clear, especially in the music industry that women are viewed more like objects a lot of the time than actual humans — seen not heard type of thing. Well, I want that to change – what women “should and shouldn’t do”, what society deems acceptable, what women are shamed for. All of the above. We are beautiful creatures. And I don’t think we should feel ashamed to express that. This song is taking a stab at what men have always been free to talk about in songs — doing whatever they want with whoever they want — but from a woman’s perspective.”

You can listen to it below!

After releasing the official music video, this is what she had to say on Twitter:

“The night before I shot this video, I had doubts of “what will people think” “am I over sexualizing myself” blah blah blah. And it wasn’t until we were done shooting that I realized how important this message is. Because the video was so much fun, I never felt embarrassed or ashamed of what I was doing. I felt EMPOWERED. So I hope it can give you the same feeling. Time to lift each other up instead of judgement.”

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