We’ve started a new segment, EDMONTON INVESTIGATIONS  – answering your most BURNING questions about Edmonton.

One listener on twitter inquired, “Is it someone’s job to Polish the Talus Balls”?

So, keeping my word, I set out to find out.

We spoke with Talus Ball Expert, Dave Turnbull with the Edmonton Arts Council.  Dave says the balls are not POLISHED, but yes, they are washed.  Join us for our Talus Talk, and for what message Dave has for the HATERS of the Dome:


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Lauren Hunter

LISTEN: Yes, It Is Legitimately Someone's Job to Wash the Edmonton Talus Balls

Originally Aired: September 10, 2020

If YOU have any burning Edmonton questions you want me to investigate (ie What’s the History of the Flaman man? What happened to the WEM dragon?) – email lauren@sonic1029.com !

– Lauren Hunter