On Monday, Eddie Vedder released a new single entitled “Cartography”, along with “Cartography (Nick Zinner RFK remix)”. Each were part of the Sub Pop Singles Club Vol. 5.

Vedder wrote the instrumental track as part of Eric Becker’s 2018 documentary film, Return to Mount Kennedy, which followed Senator Robert Kennedy and his guide Jim Whittaker’s 1965 ascent to a peak in the Canadian Yukon. Their sons replicated their trek years later. The music video features archival footage of Kennedy giving a speech following Martin Luther King, Jr’s death.

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Nick Zinner provided the remix. Of the song, Vedder wrote, “Listening to the speech delivered by Bobby Kennedy in regards to the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. 50 years ago, you are reminded that once again we are at a moment in time when our society can and must do better. Voting is our most powerful form of nonviolent protest. And those whom we vote for must be made deeply aware that the issues of equality and justice in America are of the utmost importance and need to be not only restored but taken to the next level. NOW.”

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