This past weekend DC Comics had an online panel for the Dark Nights: Death Metal soundtrack, during which they shared a clip of a new Rise Against song. The song is called “Broken Dreams, Inc.” and is featured during the first episode of the DC series.

“Broken Dreams, Inc. speaks to today’s changing landscape of American society, the opportunities that are available to some but not to others, the people who are able to benefit versus those who get left behind, who suffer and end up as casualties. How do we level the playing field so everyone can have a real chance at attaining the American Dream? One word, ‘disruption’”, Tim McIlrath said in a statement about the song.

“You have to put power into the hands of the people, not business, you have to value people and community over profit.  You can’t have a shareholder-run country or a shareholder-run world, a world that values profit above all else, because profit above all else can result in dangerous repercussions for humankind.”

The song was released today, September 16th, and is the first single we’ve heard from them in three years. The music video includes artwork from DC‘s Dark Nights: Death Metal comic book series.

You can hear it below!

No word yet on a new album, but the band has definitely been working during the pandemic.

“I just want to let our fans know that we’re not going anywhere. When the lights go back on you’re gonna see us, and we’re gonna be playing shows, and getting together with you guys.”


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