It’s Edmonton’s most INFAMOUS sculpture: The Talus Dome.


The sculpture has been a hotly debated Edmonton talking point ever since it’s installation in 2011:  you either love it or you hate it. And with a $600,000 price tag for a sculpture on the side of the freeway, it’s easy to see why. The Talus Dome has been the butt of jokes, being compared to “silver rabbit poop” or “marbles”, yet others praise it’s ingenuity.

Recently, I realized no one in Edmonton has chatted with the artist since the sculpture’s inception to get HIS reaction to the Talus’ legacy over the years. So I set out to do just that: Talk to the artist of the Talus Balls, almost 10 years later.


His name is Benjamin & he’s a sculptor with Ball-Nogues based in Los Angeles. Here’s Benjamin’s take on how HE feels about the controversy, what he wants to say to the haters, the sculpture’s inspiration, and more:



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Lauren Hunter

LISTEN: Lauren Legitimately Talks with the CREATOR of Edmonton's Most Infamous Sculpture: THE TALUS BALLS

Originally Aired: September 17, 2020


Well, after hearing from the man himself, how do YOU feel about the Talus Dome?

– Lauren Hunter
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Talus Balls photo credit to Kurt Bauschardt of Flickr