Yesterday, September 18th, Chris Cornell’s daughter Toni Cornell turned 16 years old. To celebrate, Chris Cornell’s estate released a previously unreleased version of his song “Only These Words”. The song was originally released as an ode to his daughters back in 2015 and was on one of his solo albums, Higher Truth.

“Daddy’s little girl in his arms, well they sit upon his throne. Who is that thief hiding in the dark? Just a little girl who stole his heart, and he would say I love you.”

The clip of the song was posted on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook along with a pictures of Toni and her dad.

In the caption above, it is mentioned that this clip was the original take from “Only These Words”:

“And to celebrate you with everyone- I’m sharing part of daddy’s original version of ‘Only These Words’ Happy 16th Birthday, Toni!”

Here is the Higher Truth version of the song.

Recently it was also announced that a movie focusing on the last days of Chris Cornell‘s life will start filming this month, and will be called “Black Days”. You can find the film’s website here. 

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