In the past, grandson has released a modern tragedy vol.1, vol.2, and vol.3, his EPs. We’ve also heard his Text Voter XX series collaborating with other artists, as well as many singles released with artists like K.Flay and XAmbassadors. However, we knew he’d be releasing more new music soon from all the teasers on his social media.

Now, grandson has not only released a new track but he’s also announced his first full-length album Death Of An Optimist. The debut album will be out on December 4th, 2020.

“It is both an origin story and an obituary navigating hope, anxiety and the state of optimism in 2020.”

“Dirty” is the newest single off of the upcoming album and was released today. You can listen to it below!

Death Of An Optimist tracklist:

1. “Death of an Optimist // Intro”
2. “In Over My Head”
3. “Identity”
4. “Left Behind”
5. “Dirty”
6. “The Ballad of G and X // Interlude”
7. “We Did It”
8. “WW3”
9. “Riptide”
10. “Pain Shopping”
11. “Drop Dead”
12. “Welcome to Paradise // Outro”

You can pre-order the album here.

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