Jack White has teamed up with CopperSound Pedals to create a digital octave guitar pedal, the Third Man Triplegraph. This pedal has been in the works for four years but now it’s finally been released. They come in two colours, black or yellow.

The pedal can give you that signature Jack White sound and pitch shifts, with three proprietary telegraph keys. The left key on the pedal moves an octave down, the right key moves an octave up, and the middle key activates a killswitch or auxiliary loop. There’s no latency when you track the octaves either!

You can even stack your own guitar effects with the different octaves on the pedal in auxiliary mode using the send and return jacks. The effect can be applied and overlapped for long periods of time or you can trigger them in quick bursts.

You can watch Jack White demonstrate all the different effects with the pedal below.

For more information or to buy a pedal, click here!

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