If you’ve seen 13 Reasons Why, Lost, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy or Prison Break, then you might know the actor Dylan Minnette. He also happens to be the lead singer and guitarist of the band Wallows.

Wallows is a three-piece alt-rock band from Los Angeles, who formed in 2017. Although before they were Wallows, they formed a band as kids! They met at the GigMasterz in the Keyboard Galleria Music Center in Santa Clarita, and formed a band called “Join the Band”. They’ve also gone by the names The Feaver, The Narwhals, and Pleaser. They got the name “Wallows” from a famous Honolulu skateboarding spot featured in “Tony Hawk’s Underground.”

They’ve since played Coachella, and admit they live a straight edge life on the road. Wallows are inspired by bands like Weezer, Arcade Fire and The Beatles.

Clairo is featured on Wallows’ song “Are You Bored Yet?”. Her real name is Claire Elizabeth Cottrill, and she’s also known as DJ Baby Benz. Clairo is a 22-year-old singer/songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia, who began making music at 13. When she was 13, she performed covers at a local business. Based on her performance, MTV contacted her about making music to be used in the background of a show. She did, but the song was never used. Her dad is Geoff Cottrill, a marketing executive who has held top positions at Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Converse, and MusiCares (a philanthropic organization associated with the Grammy Awards).

Clairo continues to make music even though has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

“Are You Bored Yet?” is a single off Wallows’ debut album, Nothing Happens. They explained the meaning of the song to Clash Music as “the idea of someone being bored with a relationship that you have been in for a while, and the fear that you or the other person is ready to move on.”

You can watch the video below!

Wallows new album Remote is being released on October 23, 2020.


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