David McAuley is an Edmonton artist who is makin’ waves for his incredible polar bear sculpture… created with 15,000 forks!

McAuley first posted the photo to Twitter, where it since gained local viral fame.  For the projected McAuley thrifted forks from stores all across Alberta.

We chatted with McAuley to learn how his awesome sculpture came together, find out what he’s going to do with it, and what he’s planning to make next!  And of course, we managed to stick a few fork puns in there. 😛


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Lauren Hunter

LISTEN: Fork Yeah! Edmonton Artist Makes Incredible Bear Sculpture with Over 15,000 Forks

Originally Aired: October 15, 2020

Shoutout to Dave for his incredible art – would love to see it in the Art Gallery of Alberta one day!!!! Or maybe perched in Churchill Square?

We say it’s… forkin’ awesome!!

– Lauren Hunter
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You can read more on Dave’s project via the fine folks @ the Edmonton Journal! 

(Images supplied by Dave McAuley)