For years it’s been a goal for AJR to be featured as a musical guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, they even campaigned for it on their social media almost a decade ago.

Well their efforts have finally paid off because on October 20th, Adam, Jack and Ryan are performing on Ellen. It could be because their song “Bang!” has reached the Top 5 on alternative radio, holds a Top 10 spot at hot adult contemporary, and has also peaked at #3 on the Billboard Charts.

Since “Bang!” they’ve also released “Bang! Hot Sauce”, a track called “Bummerland” and they’ve been teasing “something… spectacular…”

Not much more info has been released regarding this upcoming song or project.

AJR is set to perform their song “Bang!” on Ellen this Tuesday. The episode will also involve “physician-turned-actor/comedian” Ken Jeong, as well as NBA player Jaylen Brown.

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