This is AMAZING:

Flowers on 50th, a flower shop in Millwoods in Edmonton has gone viral in the city for offering an amazing promotion: They are giving FREE Flowers… to anyone named Karen! It was inspired by their shop co-owner, who’s named Karen & who’s tired of all the Karen memes out there!

We spoke with Karen’s sister (and fellow co-owner) about how this amazing idea came to be – and just HOW many Karens have showed up to claim their flowers. Spoiler: It’s a LOT!  Enjoy the hilarity below.


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Lauren Hunter

"We Even Had a Karen Ask to Speak to the Manager!": Lauren Talks with the Karen Giving Flowers to Karens

Originally Aired: October 19, 2020

You can learn more and support Flowers on 50th HERE – they are an awesome local business here in the city!

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– Lauren Hunter

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