Photo courtesy of Will’s Instagram – shot by Ryan Parker Photography 

Meet Will Brisbin: He’s the 15 year old featured in the new Paw Patrol movie alongside Jimmy Kimmel, Tyler Perry and Kim Kardashian!!!! It’s an amazing feat – and especially rare to find an Albertan in a Hollywood movie!  Will’s role in the movie was announced last Thursday to Instagram, but Will isn’t even allowed to say yet WHO he’s playing in Paw Patrol yet!


I sat down to chat with Will to find out  how he got the role, what it’s like being in a Hollywood movie, and more.  We also found out that at different points in time – we were both in the same play at the Citadel Theatre!!!


PLUS – we may have got Will to sing us a line or 2 of the Paw Patrol theme song… 😉



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Lauren Hunter

LISTEN: Lauren Talks with Will Brisbin, The 15 Year old from Sherwood Park in the Paw Patrol Movie!!!

Originally Aired: October 22, 2020


HUGE congrats to Will – that’s pretty awesome and we can’t wait to see where your career will go!!! Thanks for making Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and Alberta Proud!


– Lauren Hunter
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