Warning: you made need some tissues for this one.  

A mystery ETS driver left 2 toy cars & note on an Edmonton man’s windshield today – and it’s a story that’s inspiring kindness & generosity across the city. Lionel Pereira drives a bright blue Kia Stinger, a car he says often turns a few heads – but he’s never received a gift like this before. Lionel awoke one morning to find a note & gift bag on his car – the note reads:

“Hello, I am a city bus driver so I have passed by your car often.  I am also a Kia Stinger owner, but mine is Thunder Grey. I saw these Hot Wheels and was excited they came out with one of our car. I wanted to spread a little joy so I bought you 2 cars.  I hope you enjoy and are excited as your car is blue as well.  Merry Christmas”. 

The not left no identification of who the bus driver might be.

Lionel said he works at Grant MacEwan and has been going through a hard time recently with the stress of COVID and job cuts leaving him & many others at the university uncertain of their future.  He said this incredible act of kindness brought him to tears adding, “I can’t express how appreciative and happy I am to get something simple like this”.

The gesture not only seems to have restored Lionel’s faith in humanity – but also Edmonton’s as well.  The story has gone viral on the Reddit Edmonton subreddit with over 1400 upvotes.

LISTEN to our chat with Lionel, (who says he’s an avid SONiC listener!) here:

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Lauren Hunter

LISTEN: Edmonton Bus Driver Gives Toy Car to Stranger Who Drives Same Car in Incredible Random Act of Kindness

Originally Aired: December 3, 2020


Lionel says he’s trying to get in touch with the ETS driver to personally thank him or her – so if you know who this might be – please email lauren@sonic1029.com!


– Lauren Hunter
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Thanks to Lionel for sending us the note & picture of his (SUPER AWESOME) car!!!