Move over Shaw Firelog!

Edmonton ad agency AM/FM has decided to sum up 2020 this year with a NEW crackling fire…. a dumpster fire!  You can behold this beautiful dumpster fire on their Youtube channel HERE.

Karissa, who works with AM/FM, said the agency came up with the idea after tasking their staff with a project to “sum up 2020” in a  positive way – and the dumpster fire made staff not only laugh, but if felt cathartic too. Throughout the livestream you can watch people throwing 2020 items into the dumpster fire like Toilet paper, and more! Karissa says to watch until the end for a BIG finale.  We talked with Karissa from AM/FM about this awesome idea.



Karissa says every watch of the video is much appreciated – as ultimately it’s supporting their small local business of 12 hardworking staff – and it means a lot to them. Great work guys!

Learn more about AM/FM on their website HERE! 

– Lauren Hunter
Afternoons 3pm – 7pm on SONiC


Carly from our sister station CityNews also profiled AM/FM below!