Have you ever been SHOVEL SHAMED?! 

This is a term we coined today after SONiC listener Amanda called in saying she got an angry note from her neighbors asking not to shovel their driveway anymore.  Basically – Amanda had been the friendly neighbor and decided to shovel a few extra walks in her neighborhood.  However- one neighbor left her a LIVID note reading “Please Don’t Shovel Our Walks Because You Don’t Do it Properly”.

So here’s part 1 of Amanda explaining HOW this all happened – and how she was shovel shamed. LISTEN:


And Amanda called in for part 2 – to tell us the “revenge” she was going to take on her neighbor for shovel shaming her…. 


After chatting with Amanda  – dozens of SONiC listeners texted and phoned in to say the SAME THING had happened to them!

Listener Paulie wrote, “ I was shoveling my whole block’s side walk when someone pulled up and said not to because their leafblower does it better.”

Another listener phoned in to add, “I HAVE been a shovel shamer before… but only because my neighbor was using the leafblower at 5 in the morning right by my front door… and it kept waking up my newborn baby”.  

Where do YOU lie on the shovel shaming debate?!  

Personally, I would LOVE if someone shoveled my walk for free… but that’s just because I’m lazy 😛 

– Lauren Hunter
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Snow Shovelling Photo via Justin Weaver of Wikimedia Commons