Meet Gary.  He’s an Instagram famous cat from right here in Alberta, with over 300,000 Instagram followers on his account, @greatgramsofgary!


Gary has delighted the hearts and minds of many – for not only being adorably cute – but doing a lot of things most cats would NEVER do.  This includes “skiing” (aka relaxing on his owner’s shoulders), kayaking, and hiking through the Canadian Rocky Mountains with his owner, James Eastham!


We sat down to chat with James to learn how Gary became this incredible Instagram purr-sonality.

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LISTEN to our FULL chat with James for a more in-depth conversation on Gary’s story:


Gary was adopted by James’ partner from the Calgary Humane Society when he was about 4 months old.  Together, James and his partner were slowly able to introduce Gary to the great outdoors – by taking Gary out for short walks, and gradually introducing newer and greater activities as time went by.

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– Lauren Hunter
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Photos graciously shared with us, courtesy of James Eastham