Books from 2SLGBTQ+ authors are key to immersing yourself in Pride culture.

From stories of personal struggle, to inspiration from life experiences, books share 2SLGBTQ+ concepts with readers.

Here are five 2SLGBTQ+ books that you need to read

Tales from The Bottom of My Sole by David Kingston Yeh: Daniel Garneau is shocked when his long long sister, now a trans man named Luke returns.

At the same time, Daniel and his boyfriend Marcus relationship is on the rocks. A series of events caused by Luke, including David visiting family in Sicily while Marcus plans to premiere his one-man stage show, puts relationships in chaos.

Life as a Unicorn, A Journey from Shame To Pride and Everything In Between by Amrou Al-KadhiAt age 11, Amrou Al-Kadhi (also known as drag queen: Glamrou) comes out after admitting their celebrity crush on Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. 

Life As a Unicorn takes us through Amrou’s memories of coming to terms with their non-binary gender, while being of Islamic faith.

Full Disclosure by Camryn GarrettSimone Garcia-Hampton is a bisexual high school student, diagnosed with HIV from birth. She moves to a new high school, and things are going great.

Until an anonymous bully threatens to “out” Simone for being HIV positive, if she doesn’t stop hanging with her new crush Miles. Full Disclosure is a lesson in self-advocating and sticking up for yourself, while also tackling concepts of HIV/AIDS.

Legendary Children by Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez: Legendary Children is the ultimate guide to all-things RuPaul’s Drag Race.

From defining modern queer culture, to drawing on queer traditions, and popular 2SLGBTQ+ figures, Legendary Children explains why RuPaul’s Drag Race is a forever iconic piece of 2SLGBTQ+ culture.

Johnny Appleseed by Joshua Whitehead: Johnny Appleseed tells the story of a two-spirit Indigenous, and queer man who has left the reserve to work in the big city, as a cybersex worker. However, when returning home to attend his stepfather’s funeral, he must face his past.
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