Johnny Ramone’s widow, Linda Ramone, is suing Joey’s brother, Mickey Leigh, over Netflix’s Pete Davidson-led biopic, I Slept With Joey Ramone.

The film, which stars Davidson as Joey, is based on Leigh’s memoir of the same name. In her lawsuit, Linda claims that Leigh “covertly developed an unapproved and unauthorized Ramones-based biopic” that is based on his “one-sided recitation of the history of the Ramones”.

Her attorney added, “Ms. Ramone objects to the defendants’ attempt to create a Ramones film without her involvement — not to be obstinate, but rather based on defendants’ disregard for [Ramones] assets and their conduct and treatment of Ms. Ramone and her late husband. To permit defendants alone to tell the authoritative story of the Ramones would be an injustice to the band and its legacy.” Netflix was not named in the lawsuit.

Davidson not only stars in the movie, but he also co-wrote the script. It is unknown if the film will continue development following the lawsuit.