After announcing plans to disband, Tokyo Police Club have plotted a North American farewell tour. They’ve also shared their final songs – the double single “Just A Scratch”/”Catch Me If You Can”. The band had this to say about the songs:

tpc started in the first place because we LOVED SONGS, and we loved to hang out in the basement and make up songs together… and since then we’ve spent millions and millions of hours doing it. i boasted earlier, and will boast again in the future, that TPC has a no skips catalog and i am proud to add these last two entries to it. i’m imagining listening to them really loud in somebody’s parents car (almost always josh’s or greg’s, huge shout out to them), driving from the restaurant to go jam. recorded in toronto with the man, jesse turnbull.

Tokyo Police Club will kick off the tour in Vancouver before playing Edmonton. They’ll end the tour with a series of shows at Toronto’s History where they will be joined by a reunited Hollderado.

Tickets go on sale Friday, March 15. Presale begins Wednesday, March 13 with code TPCEVER.

Check out the new songs below.