Dave Grohl performed a new song he wrote for his friend Josh Homme during a solo performance at a recent benefit show.

The Foo Fighters frontman performed as part of the Josh Homme & Friends event in support of The Sweet Stuff Foundation. The evening featured performances from Grohl, Beck, St. Vincent, and The Kills.

“When Josh asked me to come out and play tonight, I said, ‘Of course’,” Grohl told the audience. “And then I spent a couple of days trying to figure out like, ‘What the f*ck am I gonna play?’”

He continued: “My first idea that I had… I was like, ‘You know what? This sh*t’s funny – I’m gonna come out and I’m gonna do a f*ucking Doja Cat song’. And I spent f*cking days trying to learn that fucking ‘Bitch, I said what I said‘ [song, ‘Paint The Town Red’].

“There are so many lyrics to that song – like maybe more than ‘The Sound Of Silence’, which is a lot! I woke up at like two o’clock in the morning – I was like, ‘I’m not gonna roll out ‘Everlong’ for the thousandth time’.”

Grohl went on to explain that he began listening to a playlist of “great acoustic covers” on Spotify before deciding he wanted to write something new.

“So I did something that’s maybe considered really, really uncool,” he said. “But I wrote a song that’s really genuine and earnest about my friend Josh.”

“We’re all here for this one big reason, but I don’t know if we’d all be here if it weren’t for that guy. And when that guy f*cking calls you and says, ‘Hey, I’m doing something’… he’ll kick your ass if you don’t, basically.”

He continued,  “So I thought, ‘I’m gonna write a song about him and embarrass him in front of all of his friends’… by actually singing about how much I f*cking love you, man. And I’ve never even sung it out loud.”

In the first verse, Grohl sings, “When I’m feeling I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough/ If you feel like riding, you know I’ll ride with you/ If I’m free and you’ve got big plans, take it from me I’ll take that chance/ Tell me the reason, I understand/ Whatever you need I’ve got you, man.

The Sweet Stuff Foundation “was founded in 2013 to give assistance to career musicians, recording engineers and their families struggling with illness and disability”.