Garbage have revealed they’re back in the studio working on a new album.

In an interview with NME, frontwoman Shirley Manson said, “Going into this next record, I feel a shift. I’m trying to dampen my outrage. As a society, we’ve become so beaten down and broken-hearted. I’m trying to reach for something that’s a little bigger than me, because if I don’t then I’m going to drown in my own dismay.”

When asked where the dismay was coming from, Manson talked about having a hip replacement after falling off stage in 2016, leading to “excruciating pain”.

“I also lost my dog, which doesn’t sound like much but it has literally ruined my life,” Manson told NME. “The loss of her has coloured everything. Having a body that didn’t work, losing the joy of my life, it’s been a real challenge to try and get myself back up and not be destructive with my depression and my rage. They always need to be tempered.”

She continued, “I’ve been managing to go through that struggle and meet the world, which is demonic. Everything I’m seeing on my social feeds feels demonic. All of us are fighting that on a daily basis and it’s poisoning everything. We all need to fight to not let our hearts become ice-cold.”

Manson went on the describe the band’s new album as a “searchlight”, saying “After scorching the earth, we’re coming out of a filthy cave with a searchlight. We’re looking for shards of life and humanity.”

When asked when fans might hear the new record, Manson revealed, “We are in the studio as we speak, actually. It’s supposed to be done by the end of May, and we’re on target.

“It’s amazing; we are the little engine that could but nobody ever thought would. No one ever bet on us. We are the classic underdog in a way. Our public success was a long, long time ago – and since then we’ve operated from an underdog status.”