Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist Flea loves Denny’s. Like, a lot.

Flea recently made an appearance on John Mulaney’s six-episode series Everybody’s In LA. He appeared in the sixth episode, during which Mulaney joked that Flea could be found anywhere in Los Angeles, making it into a running bit and game throughout the episode.

Towards the end of the episode, Flea appeared to give a passionate speech about his favourite place – Denny’s.

Flea said, “Is the name of this show What Is LA? Well, whether it is or not, I’ll tell you what LA is, LA is Denny’s, motherf*cker! Denny’s is a magical place and is a sanctuary in this town. It’s a microcosm of LA. It transcends all cultural and ethnics and economic boundaries. It’s a beautiful place. You can find everybody in Denny’s. I was just there.”

He continued, “There are all these beautiful Latino kids just coming from their prom, coming from their quinceañera. It’s a great place. Well, you could go there at midnight. People bring their babies there at midnight and you might go, ‘Well, they better take that baby home.’ You don’t know what they’re doing! You don’t know why that baby’s there. They might be locked out of their apartment. I know I’m locked out of mine.”

Everybody’s in LA is now streaming on Netflix.