This year marks the 40th anniversary of The Tragically Hip and the 35th anniversary of their 1989 debut album Up To Here. To celebrate, the band has announced an expanded box set reissue of the record and shared its outtake, “Get Back Again”.

The reissue includes a remastered version of the original album and four previously unreleased tracks. The box set also includes a live recording of a MuchMusic special called Live At Misty Moon, which is available in both audio and Blu-ray form. The Blu-ray also includes an Atmos mix of the album and studio outtakes. The set, which also includes pre-album demos from 1988, will be available as a 4xLP set and a 3CD version.

The box set will be released on November 8. Pre-order yours here. Check out the tracklist below.

Up to Here Box Set:

LP1 – Up to Here (2024 Remaster):

A1. Blow at High Dough
A2. I’ll Believe in You (Or I’ll Be Leaving You Tonight)       
A3. New Orleans Is Sinking
A4. 38 Years Old
A5. She Didn’t Know
B1. Boots or Hearts      
B2. Everytime You Go
B3. When the Weight Comes Down  
B4. Trickle Down
B5. Another Midnight
B6. Opiated

LP 2+3 – Live at the Misty Moon + Previously Unreleased Studio Tracks:

A1. Crack My Spine Like a Whip (Live at the Misty Moon)
A2. She Didn’t Know (Live at the Misty Moon)  
A3. Highway Girl (Live at the Misty Moon)
A4. Just as Well (Live at the Misty Moon)
A5. Boots or Hearts (Live at the Misty Moon)
A6. Trickle Down (Live at the Misty Moon)
B1. Get Back Again (Live at the Misty Moon)
B2. Three Pistols (Live at the Misty Moon)
B3. Fight (Live at the Misty Moon)
B4. 38 Years Old (Live at the Misty Moon)
C1. Blow at High Dough (Live at the Misty Moon)
C2. I’ll Believe in You (Or I’ll Be Leaving You Tonight) (Live at the Misty Moon)
C3. New Orleans Is Sinking (Live at the Misty Moon)
C4. On the Verge (Live at the Misty Moon)
D1. She’s Got What It Takes
D2. Get Back Again
D3. Rain, Hearts and Fire
D4. Wait So Long

LP 4 – How We Got Here – The 1988 Demos:

A1. Hailstone Hands of God (1988 Demo)
A2. When the Weight Comes Down (1988 Demo) 
A3. I’ll Believe in You (Or I’ll Be Leaving You Tonight) (1988 Demo)
A4. New Orleans Is Sinking (1988 Demo)
A5. Rain, Hearts and Fire (1988 Demo)
B1. She Didn’t Know (1988 Demo)
B2. Blow at High Dough (1988 Demo)
B3. Boots or Hearts (1988 Demo)  
B4. Everytime You Go (1988 Demo)
B5. Just Another Midnight (1988 Demo)