Sublime stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to perform their first new track in 28 years, “Feel Like That”.

“Feel Like That” is a collaborative track with Stick Figure featuring vocals from late frontman Bradley Nowell and his son and current frontman, Jakob.

“Feel Like That” was first born during a 1996 Sublime jam session. Bradley sang “let me tell you why I feel like that” and now nearly 30 years later, the lyric is being used in the new song.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, bassist Eric Wilson said, “We are blessed that we still have all these old recordings and that we were able to stumble upon an outtake that has been sitting there waiting for all these years,” Wilson said. “They say timing is everything, and I think they were right! It’s super awesome to hear Brad and Jakob singing side by side on the same track. I’m sure this song is gonna set the mood for the summer.”