Last time, you said it was “too easy”. “Too much money”. “Too many Pineapples”. Now, you’re going to say it again.


It’s SONiC’s Super Easy Contest!


Each weekday at 7:45am with Garner Andrews and at 4:45pm with Layne Mitchell, we ask you 8 questions, you answer them, you win $250!


Some questions are as simple as ‘What’s your name?’.

To make it even easier, we’ll give you three chances – if you run into trouble, just say the safety word ‘PINEAPPLE’ and we’ll start the questions over again. Super easy, right? Or is it…


SONiC’s Super Easy Contest! Brought to you by Collin Bruce and the Collin Bruce Mortgage Team and Edible Arrangements!


Find the full contest rules and regulations HERE.