Rivers Cuomo from Weezer covered Nirvana over Zoom for fans.

Many artists such as Post Malone and Puddle of Mud have covered Nirvana recently, now Rivers Cuomo is jumping on. Last year Weezer released The Teal Album which was full of covers, like their rendition of “Africa” by Toto. They also were on The Simpsons this past weekend and covered the theme song.

During quarantine Rivers Cuomo has been doing an ongoing musical series called “Island In The Zoom”. Which is a series of Zoom calls you can register for, and some of the calls even include guests. In the registration it says:

“The first people to register will have the option to be “panelists” on the screen with me. We’ll be like the Brady Bunch. Shows are 25 minutes.”

Now the most recent song in the series is his version of Nirvana’s tune, off of their In Utero album, “Heart-Shaped Box”.

Weezer has also recently released a new song of their Van Weezer album, called “Hero”. Check it out HERE.